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Day 20 of MCO. I'm Tired.

Day 20 of MCO. I have been really positive since the beginning of MCO. Grateful and thankful that we are able to stay home and I haven't forgotten about our frontliners' sacrifices and all.
But today, I am acknowledging that this staying home thing is finally taken a toll on me. I am tired of cooking. I need some space. I need some me-time for a change. I need to go for a 2hr massage at Thai Odeyssey.
We have watched 20 movies. A movie a day. I've been cooking non stop  till the food can sprout of my ears. I have watched God knows how many Korean dramas. We workout every evening. It's a new norm.
I think it's time to change up the routine abit.
How have you been coping with all this MCO? Don't you wish that it's all over!?!
Truth be told, when this MCO thingy is lifted, I'd be super paranoid to even go out. Yes the curve may flatten during MCO but I am not super confident that it will flatten after MCO because that's when people go back to th…

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